ThunkTink 18: Equest! Stories told from Horse Person Perspective

Better late than never! ThunkTink is back from a summer break and Casey and Andrea are talking innovation in Literature. Could we make a light book series told from the perspective of a horse? Why aren’t there more sports themed novels? Casey rants a bit about the Bear Grylls choose your own adventure show on Netflix. But that leads us to discuss how role-playing and storytelling might be useful in empathic understanding and working through issues as a form of virtual therapy! Ideas coming in from all sides on another ThunkTink brainstorming session!

ThunkTink 18: Equest! Stories told from Horse Person Perspective

ThunkTink 17: A Long, Long Time Ago

…still the same galaxy, though. Actually, the same planet, too. ThunkTink goes back in time to examine ancient history through the modern lens of social media, and then takes a turn hypothesizing what mythical creatures may have roamed the landscape if all records of them crumbled to dust. 

ThunkTink 17: A Long, Long Time Ago

ThunkTink 15: Intellectual Property

After a brief recording break, Andrea and Casey are back to brainstorm – this time about intellectual property! Can they sort through the chaos to find the perfect IP to remake? Who owns a cat video really, the owner or the cat? And then they just kind of tangent off about science and intellectual property before being cut short by the podcast pups! A true return to form for ThunkTink.

ThunkTink 15: Intellectual Property

ThunkTink 14: O.R.B. for Commuting Woes

BEEEEEEEP! HONK! “Come on!” If any of this sounds familiar, buckle up for ThunkTink’s take on commuting. With plenty of stop ‘n go experience, Casey and Andrea try imagining a world where long haul commuting is suddenly much more pleasant. Few detours are even required since the random word generator was fairly on point throughout. 

ThunkTink 14: O.R.B.

ThunkTink 13: Thespionage in the JBEU

James Bond’s world is not enough–it’s high time his universe expanded! At least, that’s what Casey and Andrea spitball about in this episode of ThunkTink. After creating new job opportunities within villain organizations and questioning funding sources on all sides, they ultimately take aim at exploring the larger Bond universe through a different medium: theatre!

ThunkTink 13: Thespionage in the JBEU

ThunkTink 12: Something Something: For Something

Rolling right along, Casey and Andrea tinker around with industrial machinery in this episode of ThunkTink! As relative city kids, they dream up ill-informed updates to farming equipment, try to bring more humanity to mass egg production, and then do a 180 back to the city to give crime syndicates making their own weapons a way to escape detection. 

ThunkTink 12: SS:FS

ThunkTink 11: Try-Force

Time for another ThunkTink session! Breaking away from the large-scale projects, Andrea and Casey turn their attention to designing something smaller: games! Tag along as they create a new video game inspired by Upstairs, Downstairs, an updated version of Hide ‘N Seek, and a new sport one wouldn’t be surprised seeing Link and/or Zelda playing.

ThunkTink 11: Try-Force!

ThunkTink 10: Cleansing Cascades and Holy Water Hot Tubs

This week’s topic on ThunkTink: theology. Come along on a quick jaunt through weaponry and symbols associated with specific gods before getting swept along on a commercial effort requiring mass amounts of holy water. That being said, neither of us were raised in religious households, our ignorance shows, and we mean no offense with any of our ramblings. Our apologies well ahead of time!

ThunkTink 10: CC & HWHT

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