ThunkTink 32: Intelligence Collage

Andrea and Casey are grappling with what it is to be intelligent this time on ThunkTink – sticking to those easy, non-contentious topics. Ideas bounced around our collective brains include: Can we test if animals can discriminate between twins? How do we best “share” intelligence? How do we best “support” its development – what does the even mean? Are more intelligent species more adaptive to new environments? Can we come up with a better way to display and communicate someone’s intelligence (rather than grades/IQ scores)???

ThinkTink 32: Intelligence Collage

ThunkTink 31: USS Beagle

Blasting off with only minor hiccups while reaching warp…well, it’s closer to warp 5 than 9, but forward momentum nonetheless. ThunkTink returns after a summer absence to stare into space and muse about Star Trek! From contradictory aspects of Roddenberry’s universe to man’s best friend, Casey and Andrea find inspiration and comfort in the vacuum that encases our planet–and invite you to come along for the journey!

ThunkTink 27: Dance OSHA

As spring break is in full swing, Casey and Andrea also get into the swing of things–swing dancing, that is. With a few basic lessons under their belts, they tackle ThunkTink’s steps with varying success, with a few stumbles into history and culture along the way. Judge’s score? Hopefully nothing less than a 7/10, but we understand losing points for our clumsiness. 

ThunkTink 27: Dance OSHA

ThunkTink 26: The Harsh Marsh

Andrea and Casey dive into their Zoological roots on this episode of ThunkTink! What could make for a more harsh environment than ghosts? And why don’t people go hunting for animal ghosts? What coloration is associated with pride in the animal kingdom? What if we designed an experiment to look at whether fishes took more pride in some of their offspring? Why aren’t there fossil records of mythological creatures in fantasy series? What would be required to facilitate the evolution of fairies? All this and more discussed this time on ThunkTink!

ThunkTink 26: The Harsh Marsh

ThunkTink 25: ATAT Toe Beans

Since the dawn of the car, these things have kept the world rolling and rolling and rolling. This time on ThunkTink, Casey and Andrea muse about tires (or tyres if you’re a Brit). What makes a tire a tire, and can we lower barriers to preventative car maintenance? Ultimately, sanity’s tread wears thin and we end up in Star Wars land, because why not?

ThunkTink 25: ATAT Toe Beans

ThunkTink 23: Renaissance Parrots & Punk

DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded mid-2020; our editing schedule coincided with recent U.S. events, so while the random word generator led us in the direction of ‘riot,’ our minds weren’t mulling over the tumultuous scenes that unfolded across many cities throughout the latter half of the year, or on the Capitol. 

Curiopoda’s ThunkTink has returned in the New Year! Casey and Andrea start this year with yet another look into the past, this time brainstorming about the Renaissance. They question why this period hasn’t been embraced by more visible sub-cultures, and muse over what an answering machine would have been in those days. Casey’s strong feelings on art history and the current state of art forms also makes an appearance, so let’s get this 2021 ball rolling!

ThunkThink 23: Renaissance Parrots & Punk

ThunkTink 22: Bone Depot

Ideas get banged, bruised, broken and stitched back together as today’s ThunkTink covers orthopedic traumas, like broken bones! Casey and Andrea discuss their history on the side of the no broken bones club, try to develop a ventilation and oxygenation system that will stop the lungs to allow broken ribs to set, innovate on a immunological passport/commuting system to allow cells from one bone to travel to and assist in the repair of another, and explore a means of storing excess nutrients in the bones for rainy days. Casey also rants about a complete breakfast for a bit. A classic episode!

ThunkTink 22: Bone Depot

ThunkTink 21: Globryan? Panglobtry? PanGloPo.

In a kingdom full of storms
And the whirlwinds never quaking
In there stepped a poetical force
All my soul within me baking

– an AI poem generator

Are we sure this is something we want to create? If you haven’t gathered by now, this time on ThunkTink we tackle poetry. From a new melding of mathematics and art to a possible reality show showcasing the spoken word, Casey and Andrea embrace the ridiculousness. 

ThunkTink 21: Globryan? Panglobtry? PanGloPo.

ThunkTink 20: Emergency Reverse Switches for Wind Farms

ThunkTink is back with a banger (and mash) today! Andrea and Casey brainstorm all things London from their very limited, mostly media-based knowledge/experience base. Could we reverse wind farms to blow away thick, dangerous clouds of fog and smog? What are British Christmas Pantos and can we make our own American Pantomime (note: this episode was recorded prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic and so naively discusses the possibility of outside events in 2020)? How do you get enough energy in the morning to even make a full breakfast? Brappetizers! All this and more brainstormed on this episode!

ThunkTink 20: Emergency Reverse Switches for Wind Farms

ThunkTink 19: Vatbädsofa

Welcome! Apologies for our delayed episode; editing time disappeared along with Andrea’s new job, but she’ll get the hang of it soon enough. Anyway, come right on in, have a seat, and we can have a nice chat. Don’t worry, this is a safe space, thanks in part to the Vatbädsofa. What is a Vatbädsofa, you ask? It’s the latest harebrained idea Casey and Andrea’ve come up with when faced with the topic of psychiatry.

ThunkTink 19: Vatbädsofa

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