ThunkTink 8: Branding (Part 2), Not to Shoot the Boat in the Foot

The stunning conclusion of our podcast channel branding brainstorming session to which you already know the result! Would you have expected it to involve weaver birds and mythological islands though? Andrea and Casey also discuss whether this is going to be a channel/podcast for kids or just one they try to make accessible to anyone. Much discussion of how brand identity shapes show production and also Disney’s Gargoyles and Mighty Ducks cartoons! Because tangents!

ThunkTink 8: Branding (Part 2)

ThunkTink 7: Branding (Part 1), That Ship Has Sailed Into A Horse

ThunkTink is back this week with a special episode where we forgo the format and try to brainstorm the name of our podcast channel! You know the results, but find out the journey to get there! It involves a lot of alliteration, acronyms, horse medications, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and Swedish meatballs! WARNING: Some mild cursing in the the scrodcast section, so skip that if you are listening with those that would offend!

ThunkTink 7: Branding (Part 1)

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