ThunkTink 23: Renaissance Parrots & Punk

DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded mid-2020; our editing schedule coincided with recent U.S. events, so while the random word generator led us in the direction of ‘riot,’ our minds weren’t mulling over the tumultuous scenes that unfolded across many cities throughout the latter half of the year, or on the Capitol. 

Curiopoda’s ThunkTink has returned in the New Year! Casey and Andrea start this year with yet another look into the past, this time brainstorming about the Renaissance. They question why this period hasn’t been embraced by more visible sub-cultures, and muse over what an answering machine would have been in those days. Casey’s strong feelings on art history and the current state of art forms also makes an appearance, so let’s get this 2021 ball rolling!

ThunkThink 23: Renaissance Parrots & Punk

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