ThunkTink 10: Cleansing Cascades and Holy Water Hot Tubs

This week’s topic on ThunkTink: theology. Come along on a quick jaunt through weaponry and symbols associated with specific gods before getting swept along on a commercial effort requiring mass amounts of holy water. That being said, neither of us were raised in religious households, our ignorance shows, and we mean no offense with any of our ramblings. Our apologies well ahead of time!

ThunkTink 10: CC & HWHT

ThunkTink 9: Future Waterworld Anime Battlefield (with Blimps)

Returning to their regularly scheduled program, Casey and Andrea find themselves thrown into the field of warfare, because after one has already discussed mines, why not? Treading the razor wire thin line between dark humor and just dark, they explore ways to minimize the impact of war–preferably making it obsolete along the way.

ThunkTink 9: FWAB (with Blimps)

ThunkTink 8: Branding (Part 2), Not to Shoot the Boat in the Foot

The stunning conclusion of our podcast channel branding brainstorming session to which you already know the result! Would you have expected it to involve weaver birds and mythological islands though? Andrea and Casey also discuss whether this is going to be a channel/podcast for kids or just one they try to make accessible to anyone. Much discussion of how brand identity shapes show production and also Disney’s Gargoyles and Mighty Ducks cartoons! Because tangents!

ThunkTink 8: Branding (Part 2)

ThunkTink 7: Branding (Part 1), That Ship Has Sailed Into A Horse

ThunkTink is back this week with a special episode where we forgo the format and try to brainstorm the name of our podcast channel! You know the results, but find out the journey to get there! It involves a lot of alliteration, acronyms, horse medications, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and Swedish meatballs! WARNING: Some mild cursing in the the scrodcast section, so skip that if you are listening with those that would offend!

ThunkTink 7: Branding (Part 1)

ThunkTink 6: Underwater Parades

It’s time for episode 6 of Curiopoda’s ThunkTink! Still getting their podcasting feet wet, Casey and Andrea jump right in to explore underwater diving. Inspired by random words—some on-the-nose, others not so much—and getting submerged in an unexpected research arc, they introduce parades and fireworks to the underwater landscape!

ThunkTink 6: Underwater Parades

ThunkTink 5: Venus Observation Base

Join Curiopoda in another space-themed episode of ThunkTink! This episode, Casey and Andrea leave satellites and recycling behind to focus on Earth’s sister planet, Venus. Tag along with them as random words steer them towards remote sampling, material erosion, and…aliens? Is the second planet from the sun appealing enough to set up shop on a semi-permanent basis?

ThunkTink 5: Venus Observation Base

ThunkTink 4: Optimal Plates and BDSM Biogeography

Another ThunkTink minisode – this time a mashup of Discrete Mathematics and Sexual Ethics. WARNING: As the title suggests, this episode may not be appropriate for all listeners and there is some explicit content discussed within. In the highlights from these sessions we hear Casey and Andrea brainstorm about optimal tectonic plate formations, inns specifically for bisexuals, and biogeographic barriers to the spread of the practice and cultural acceptance of BDSM! It’s a trip!

ThunkTink 4: Optimal Plates and BDSM Biogeography

ThunkTink 3: L.I.V. Minisode

Episode 3 of ThunkTink is a minisode of the lost episode that we end up referring to far too much later on to leave out. So here’s all the good/juicy bits from caving and speliology! Join Casey and Andrea as they try to invent new safety technologies for a hobby/career they’ve barely got any idea about.

ThunkTink 3: L.I.V. Minisode

RESURRECTED! ThunkTink 2: Recycled Satellite Fashion

It’s episode 2 of ThunkTink, the comedy brainstorming podcast on Curiopoda! The show was still in development in this recording, so delight as Andrea and Casey attempt to tackle the Wikipedia page on green politics and are inspired by their random words to think of ways to make democracy more representative of the people and to make the environmental movement cool again – by taking it into space!

ThunkTink 2: Recycled Satellite Fashion

Q.E.D.: Question, Explore, Discuss

RESURRECTED! ThunkTink 1: Nougatron

We live! After a long absence, ThunkTink, Curiopoda’s comedy brainstorming podcast has returned, releasing episodes on a weekly/biweekly basis. As a reminder of where this all started, we present the inaugural episode, Nougatron. In this early, in-development episode, hosts, Casey and Andrea, attempt to brainstorm chemistry research proposals inspired by random topics of chemistry on Wikipedia and a random word generator. Ideas discussed include: Party Kinetics, the Extraction of Magic from Pixie Dust, and Examining the Impact of Small Electrical Gradients on Neutron Quark Composition.

Thunk Tink: Nougatron

Q.E.D.: Question, Explore, Discuss

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